Can you feel the force?

May 6, 2017


Science at St Giles has always been taught innovatively. Our weekly lessons are always interactive and engaging. The Children theorise, investigate and then conclude.


We have had STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ambassadors at St Giles for Science enrichment days.. To see one of our Science Enrichment Days click here.  And the children always thoroughly enjoy them.


Here we will investigate what happens in a Science Lesson in the Reception Class. They were learning about Forces. They investigated what makes an object move and identified pushes and pulls as forces that make objects move.



The children sat in a circle with a toy car in the middle and we discussed how we can make a toy car move.


The children then experimented with making a car move.

The children were asked – What are you doing? They were pushing the car and a couple of the children said “dragging”. Here was a perfect teaching opportunity and the class discussed what other word we could use instead of dragging that began with a “P”



The children then looked for other things they could push and pull in the classroom and made a list – chair, door, toy, computer mouse, stacker box. One of the children realised that you can both push and pull a door to open it depending which side of the door you are standing.


To develop the idea of Pushes and Pulls the children had a set of cards and categorised them into Push and Pull.


Then they put labels around the classroom on objects that have to be pushed and pulled.