Green Tree Schools Award - Gold!

May 21, 2017


St Giles has been taking part in the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award. It’s free, fun and has fantastic activities to help our school celebrate woods and trees.

We have been rewarded for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. The awards are a fantastic way to enhance our school's green credentials whilst inspiring our children about woods and trees.

We are one of over 8,000 schools already taking part.

There are a variety of hands-on, educational activities that we have explored. They are designed to encourage our pupils to explore the natural world around them and use their imaginations.

To find out more about the tasks we have completed take a look at The Green Tree Schools Award guide


We have gained points for completing activities and have progressed through bronze, silver and gold levels to the prestigious platinum award, which we are now working towards.


Here is one of the Platinum projects that we have worked on already and sent in, to take us to the final stage of our Green Tree Schools award.


Wild trails Platinum project

This activity encourages pupils to create and map personal trails around a local wood, with a focus on the animals and plants that live there. They then work together in the classroom to create a class trail to share with the rest of the school.


St Giles School is extremely lucky to have wonderful grounds and we have everything we need in the woodlands within our grounds.





 We gave each group a map of the grounds and they mapped personal trails around our school and wood, with a focus on the animals and plants that live there. Using each group’s maps we all created a class trail map to share with the rest of the school to show the whole school all about what lives and grows at our school. It is on display in our school hall to show everyone.

Each group took photos of what they found. They used The Woodland Trusts tree ID sheet and collected things they found alone the trail too.