Class 3’s got Talent

Class 3 held their Music Partnership Ukulele Concert after a 30-week programmes of whole-class ensemble teaching. And they were fantastic!

The children have had thirty 45-minute lessons, spread throughout the year taught by Paul and assisted by Caroline. A class set of instruments are handed out and every child and Mrs Murfin had an instrument of their own for the length of the programme.

At the end of the 30 weeks the children and Mrs Murfin performed for the whole school and their parents and grandparents which gave the children the opportunity to share their success and talent.

Here you can see the children’s amazing performances.

What shall we do with the drunken sailor.

"I'm a turtle and my name is Murtle".

Kingston Town

Jamaica Farewell

Mairi's Wedding

Me and you

Class 3 Ukulele Concert 2017 (Full concert)

Although they have now finished their Ukulele lessons the children haven’t finished just quite yet. They are going to Derby for one final performance. The children, through training from Wider Opportunities programme will play alongside the Hallé Orchestra in a special concert at the Derby Arena.

It is an exciting opportunity for all of our children to join in and experience a professional orchestra in a large concert hall setting − a very special experience for all involved.

The children will be singing and have been practising this song to perform in Derby. Unfortunately this event is a closed event and is not open to the public, however we know the children will tell us all about their amazing experience.

St Giles School is not responsible for any emotional response while watching this most beautiful performance. The rumour that one of the children’s Grandma’s was in tears after watching this on Youtube is indeed true!

Class 3 Singing Believe

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