DDAT Sports Day 2017

June 4, 2017



Class 4 took part in the first DDAT Sports Day held at the Moorways Sports Stadium.  They joined with 5 other academy schools from DDAT (William Gilbert,Walter Evans, Christchurch, Bishop Lonsdale and Turnditch).

The Sports day gave our children a chance to showcase their sporting abilities, learn important lessons about competition and enjoy a happy, healthy dose of fresh air in the company of other schools. The weather was glorious and the facilities at the Stadium were a professional standard and worthy of our sporting children.


The stadium boasts

  • 8 lanes of 400m distance (with  Floodlighting)

  • High Jump arena

  • 1x Shot put Fan throwing area

  • 1x Discus Circles throwing cage

  • 1x Hammer throwing cage

  • 2x Javelin Run up areas

  • 2x Pole Vault Run ways

  • 4x Long jump pits

  • 110m sprint straights (both 8 lanes)

  • Athletics equipment including: Throws equipment & Starting Blocks


There were 4 events and all children took part.  These were the Howling Javelin (Felix excelled in this); the standing long jump (Lucy Newberry jumped just over 1m 80cm); the 75m run and the 400m run.  Lucy Newberry also excelled in 400m which she ran in a very fast time.