DDAT Sports Day 2017

Class 4 took part in the first DDAT Sports Day held at the Moorways Sports Stadium. They joined with 5 other academy schools from DDAT (William Gilbert,Walter Evans, Christchurch, Bishop Lonsdale and Turnditch).

The Sports day gave our children a chance to showcase their sporting abilities, learn important lessons about competition and enjoy a happy, healthy dose of fresh air in the company of other schools. The weather was glorious and the facilities at the Stadium were a professional standard and worthy of our sporting children.

The stadium boasts

  • 8 lanes of 400m distance (with Floodlighting)

  • High Jump arena

  • 1x Shot put Fan throwing area

  • 1x Discus Circles throwing cage

  • 1x Hammer throwing cage

  • 2x Javelin Run up areas

  • 2x Pole Vault Run ways

  • 4x Long jump pits

  • 110m sprint straights (both 8 lanes)

  • Athletics equipment including: Throws equipment & Starting Blocks

There were 4 events and all children took part. These were the Howling Javelin (Felix excelled in this); the standing long jump (Lucy Newberry jumped just over 1m 80cm); the 75m run and the 400m run. Lucy Newberry also excelled in 400m which she ran in a very fast time.

The children wore their red PE school tops waving the flag for St Giles and our School Sports Ambassadors wore their Blue PE tops. They encouraged each other and were very vocal cheering each other on showing great team spirit.

The children had a good time, were fantastic sports and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The photographs were taken by Caitlin in Year 5 as she had a broken arm and although couldn’t participate in the events she was our official photographer.

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