30 Days Wild!

“This June, we challenge you to go wild!

Can you do something wild every day throughout June? That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.” The Wildlife Trust.

Again this year we have taken up the challenge and are well into the first week of #30DaysWild. Staff and children are really getting involved and we are learning new things everyday!

And here is what we’ve done each day so far and posted on Facebook and Twitter.

We also got a mention in The Waitrose Weekend Magazine as part of The Wildlife Trust Media Campaign.

For more Random Acts of Wildness why don’t you down load the App from here?

In the meantime here’s some Random Acts of Wildness to keep you going from the App.

We would love to see your Random Acts of Wildness and use them for our #30DaysWild. You can Tweet them @stgilesce Post them on Facebook or email them to Mrs Swift


For even more resources and ideas click below.

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