Class 4 - Alchemy & Portals!

Class 4 had a visit from The Chief Alchemist’s apprentice, who brought a golden box with a map and a key, a riddle and alchemist samples from a magical place called Alchemy Island. Class 4 will look for potential portals that they can use to reach Alchemy Island.

Will they stay inside or go outdoors and search for natural features, like holes in hedgerows and tree trunks, or under rocks and stones? The possibilities are endless!

The riddle tells the children to start at the ancient citadel. Over the next half term they will read about the settings in children’s fantasy novels for example – The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe by CS Lewis, The Shadow Forest by Matt Haig, Ignis by Gina Wilson. The children will design their own fantasy game using Scratch. Comparing natural portals with man-made portals, such as windows, walls, gates and doorways Class 4 will write their own fantasy narrative. Most fantasy novels start with a portal to another place.

The children visited, possibly, one of the most famous portals known!

Class 4 spent a whole day at Warner Brothers Studio exploring the studio tour

They stepped on to authentic sets and relived the magic through the eyes of the filmmakers who brought the Harry Potter film series to life.

Mrs Rogers said, “Jacob's mum made the heads of the snakes on the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. They all flew broomsticks, soaring over the rooftops of Hogwarts, took a ride on the Hogwarts Express and learned how to act against a green screen. A long but exciting trip into a fantasy world to tie in with the topic of Alchemy Island.”

How many magic portals can you name?

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