Orchestral Music in Derby!

Class 3 went to Derby to perform with the Halle Orchestra as part of ‘Come and Play with the Hallé’. The theme of the event was Heroes and Villains.

Here is a quick sneaky Peak of a well-known John Williams compostition.

St Giles children along with children from 62 primary schools who had learned instruments thanks to the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership's Wider Opportunities programme played alongside the Hallé Orchestra in a special concert at the Derby Arena.

It was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to join in and experience playing with a professional orchestra in a large concert hall setting − a very special experience for all involved.

The attending school children have been learning either Flute, Recorder, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass since September, and all joined with the orchestra to play and sing in four items during the concert.

St Giles children took their ukuleles and became part of the performance.

Mrs Grainger said, “There were so many young people. 3000 children performing altogether. It was truly a chance in a life time for everyone to sing and play with a full orchestra. The sound was phenomenal and the children were beaming.”

Halle ‘Come and Play’ described the event as “A unique series of concerts specially designed to offer thousands of children on the Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programme (previously called the Wider Opportunities Scheme) the opportunity to play and sing with an international symphony orchestra.

The concerts present specially composed works which enable collaboration between the world-class musicians of the Hallé and young instrumentalists at the start of their musical journey. In any one concert as many as 1,000 children play, and a further 1,200 sing, with the Hallé. Local authority music service staff are directly involved in preparing and presenting the concerts, both in helping the children prepare their parts in advance of the concert and by facilitating the event itself.

Original and arranged material, specially composed by the Hallé’s Education Director, Steve Pickett, for the professional players and young people to share, is presented alongside orchestral blockbusters, ranging from film scores to famous classics. The children, therefore, experience the power of a symphony orchestra at first hand, as well as being a part of it.”

Willow Bridger, Y4, said, "Some of the songs they played were Lone Ranger, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Fairy Pipes. My favourite was Fairy Pipes it was so dreaming and relaxing. Everyone knew the Lone Ranger, when we did about America Mrs Grainger played episodes of The Lone Ranger. Two of the composers they played were Prokofiev and Elgar."

Every school child in the auditorium, from all over Derbyshire sang Believe.

Here is Class 3 performing the song to an audience at School.

Here is Class 3 performing playing Ukulele to an audience at School.

Well done Class 3!

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