St Giles wins top platinum award for Derbyshire!

St Giles in Matlock, Derbyshire has been awarded a prestigious platinum award by The Woodland Trust for their involvement in green activities including tree planting, visiting a local woodland, reducing carbon emissions and being a woodland ambassador.

The Green Tree Schools initiative, which has seen over 7,000 schools sign up since it was launched in 2008 offers the opportunity to bring the great outdoors, wildlife and green issues into the classroom.

Schools win awards for participating in green activities, both in and out of the classroom. St Giles School has planted new trees in Dukes Quarry, Whatstandwell, visited local woods, created a woodland nature trail and joined in various other Woodland Trust activities. St Giles had a tree party and baked cakes in the wood, shared woodland words and images, presented an Assembly and became Woodland Ambassadors.

Jacky Swift, Forest Craft Leader at St Giles School said: “To complete the Platinum Award we took a look at our woodland from a different perspective.

We made some imaginative artwork in a variety of media. We used photos, maps and made a canvas picture painted with grass, mud, charcoal etc of the view of an eagle, framed on recycled cardboard decorated with everything the children could find around us. The best part for me was our new child, from the centre of a major city, and their reaction when we reached the top of the hill. I ask them what they thought, they said, ‘It's brilliant up here, if we were back where I’ve come from all we'd see is miles of buildings. I'm bringing my dad up here to see this!’

It has indeed been a pleasure to have been a part of this award.”

Karen Letten, Woodland Trust schools communications manager, added: “The scheme promotes a range of opportunities, each designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and sustain their interest in woods and trees. The achievements of the school are recognised through an awards scheme in which they receive points for taking part in activities. As they reach milestones within the project they will receive bronze, silver and at gold an attractive wooden plaque which acknowledges this environmental accolade. Only a handful of schools have moved on to achieve platinum, making this huge accomplishment for the school.”

The Woodland Trust’s vision is a UK rich in woods and trees, enjoyed by everyone. The charity is dedicated to creating new woodland with help from communities and schools, as well as protecting and restoring ancient woodland for future generations to cherish. St Giles School Matlock is very grateful to The Woodland Trust for the amazing opportunities this award gave them.

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