Dance Festival!

This week’s Blog has been guest written by Mrs Angrave. All the infant children went to The Highfields Dance Festival.

On Monday morning Classes 1 and 2 travelled to Highfields to take part in their Dance Festival with children from other local schools. Year 9 students from Highfields were running dance workshops for each group.

Our first workshop had an African theme. We warmed up by doing a range of different movements led by the Year 9 students and they taught us a new dance. We then listened to the ‘George of the Jungle’ soundtrack and worked in small groups to think of dance movements to represent different animals.

We performed our dances to the rest of the group. Following this we had a break for a much needed snack and drink of water.

Our second workshop was Disney themed. We talked about our favourite Disney characters and thought of a suitable movement to represent them such as a swish of the hair for Rapunzel. The Year 9 leaders showed us an under the sea dance and then taught us how to do each movement and how to do the dance as a whole. Next we got into partners and one partner moved or danced and the other partner copied their movements as if they were in a mirror then we swapped.

Mrs Angrave, Mrs Slack and Ms Whithorn were very proud of our super dancers. We had a wonderful morning and everyone participated very well even though a few members of the group had been slightly reluctant to begin with!

Hannah Smith, Year 2, said, “It was fun, The best bit for me was learning dances. I liked saying a name then doing a pose. I did like it all though.”

Thank you to Mrs Angrave for this weeks Blog. If anyone would like to do a guest Blog for us please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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