Leavers Moving on!

The last day of term arrived and we took all our belongings home and reflected on the last week of the academic year. It has been a busy week but also an unforgettable week. Tiredness has caused tears and tantrums and that’s just the staff.

Monday saw the Sports day and the weather was glorious. With both track and field events all the children did their best and we couldn’t ask for more than that. The parents also raced well – even after a false start with the Dads!

After school on Monday the Year 6 were treated to a tea party. Mrs Forster and Mrs Rogers hosted it, believing that the Year 6 should have some good old fashioned fun before they start to pack away childish things and move on to Secondary School.

Tuesday was The Leavers Presentation Evening. Class 4 performed Little Red Riding Hood. And what a performance it was! Well done to Class 4 and we saw some amazing talent on the stage.

After the performance it was Presentation time. John Higgs, our Chair of Governors, presented each Year 6 child was with a dictionary, given to us by The Rotary Club, and a Year 6 Class Photograph.

On the last day of term and of the year we went to St Giles Church for our leavers’ service led by Father Mark. The church service was an emotional service. All of our leavers, including Mrs Maltby, Mrs Haggett and Mrs Murfin, added to our cairn by placing a stone on it and sharing a memory of their time at St Giles.

The children left everyone with thoughts of their last year at school.

The Bible reading was from John Chapter 14, verse 27. Jesus is helping his friends be brave as they say goodbye to him.

“When leaving one another, we say, “Peace be with you”. But my goodbye is not a casual goodbye. Peace is my parting gift to you – my own peace which nobody else can give you. So do not be upset be brave”.

Father Mark gave all the Year 6 a parting gift from St Giles Church, to help them on their new path.

Friday, after lunch, Class 4 did their traditional Leavers Collective Worship. The Year 6 sang a leavers song to the rest of the school and the Year 5 did a farewell presentation to their fellow class mates and friends.

We also say goodbye to Chloe Wheeble who is leaving us to move to London. Mrs Forster gave Chloe a St Giles bear from the whole school.

We also said a final, fond farewell to Mrs Maltby, Mrs Murfin and Mrs Haggett.

At the end of the day we said goodbye to the Year 6 with our traditional clap out, as they left us for the very last time.

Mrs Forster would like to add, “We say goodbye to some wonderful people and hold many, many wonderful memories of our time together. We say goodbye with love and wish happiness to all that leave us”.

So as the holiday begins we will finish with the prayer we said in church.

This is our school

Let everyone be happy here.

Let our school always be full of joy.

Let love and care be here each and every day.

Love for one another

Love for all people everywhere

Love for life itself and love for God.

Let us remember that many hands build a house.

So every child can make this school a lovely place.



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