Back in the swing of things!

St Giles is a diverse school and has many diverse ways of learning. This week has been no exception with Drama, Forest Craft, a Literacy Dress Up day and a Topic field trip.


This half term it’s the turn of the Infants to have Forest Craft sessions. Lots of fun was had doing an egg box scavenger hunt. This linked in very well with their Topic and science within their Topic. And the children used fire steels to light cotton wool tinder, even in the rain.


The whole school took part in a drama workshop that was brought to the School by The Tinderbox Performing Arts Centre. All the children enjoyed their experience in the workshop and it gave them a little taster of what to expect at The Tinderbox Youth Theatre!

Here you can see Andrea Turner, who is The Principal of The Tinderbox, explaining just how delicious ‘Ooey gooey chewy gum’ actually is!

Andrea has had many years of training and experience as an actor and teacher (Andrea taught some of our older children at St Giles). Alongside other professionals, Andrea aims to bring the performing arts together to produce exciting collaborations and productions.

For more information click here or go to The Tinderbox Performing Arts Centre Facebook Page

Wednesday 13th September

Roald Dahl Day celebrations on 13th September celebrate the date Roald Dahl’s 101st birthday. So the whole school joined in and had a Roald Dahl dress up day to celebrate the life and works of this fantabulistic author. It was also Chloe's and Sam's birthday.

We had Fantastic Mr Fox, Matilda, Charlie Bucket, Willy Wonka, Verucca Salt and many other characters!

Parents joined their children to read at the beginning of school and it was a great way to share our love of reading.


Class 3 went on a field trip The Whistlestop Centre in Matlock Bath, which is run by The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

They learnt about the Secrets of the River Derwent. They found out about the life and health of the river using simple chemical tests and dipping with nets.

Here is an outline of their day.

  • Understand the water cycle and river systems.

  • How pollution affects the quality of water which in turn can kill creatures and destroy their habitats.

  • Understand where pollution comes from and how it can get into a river system.

  • River dip and identify aquatic invertebrates to assess how clean the river is.

  • Life cycle of river creatures.

  • How to use appropriate fieldwork techniques.

It was a busy day for Class 3 but their experience was invaluable for their work on this half terms Topic “Flow”. The children also had a fabulous time!

This week has been busy and full and all the children have had great experiences across the whole curriculum!

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