Extreme Reading

September 23, 2017


Over the summer holidays some of children (and Staff) participated in Extreme Reading.

The creativity of the children at St Giles never ceases to amaze us, as you will see from their photo entries.


Ellie Y1 can be seen reading a number book on a Pirate Ship in Scarborough. Literacy and Numeracy in one book, extreme and multi-tasking!

Her favourite story is Little Red Riding Hood.


Isabelle & Olivia Y1 were relaxing with the Flamingos by the pool, enjoying a good magazine on holiday in Majorca. Their Daddy was reading Harry Potter to them on holiday – but I don’t think their Daddy actually entered? He deserves a sticker though!

Both Olivia and Isabelle’s favourite book is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling


Sonny Y2 had a fabulous time at the beach in a tent reading Fearless Fitzroy by Kathy Henderson  with his Aunt Sally.

Sonny said his favourite book is The Snowman by Raymond Briggs


Daisy Y3 had reading partner, Lucy the snake. Lucy enjoyed Daisy reading The Invisible Bunny by Holly Webb to her. Lucy lives at Matlock Farm Park

Daisy’s favourite book is Zoe the Skating Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Chloe Y3 is enjoying Roald Dahl with her Daddy.

Jolie Y3 took a journey to Ancient Egypt, reading a history book about Mummies. Jolie also had a Pirate peering over her shoulder on a Pirate Ship in Scarborough.

Jolie has enjoyed reading Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame with Mrs Grainger and it is now her favourite book.


Maria Y5 Travelled to France in her motor home and climbed a tree to read Brisingr by Christopher Paolini.

Maria’s favourite book is Inheritance which is part of a series Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolin. Of which Brisingr is one of them and the second one is Eldest.


Ellen Y5 isn’t a slow reader but we suspect her tortoise, that she read too, might be. She was sat on her roof reading. She read her tortoise Esio Trot by Roald Dahl after she finished those she started on Horrible Histories – Rotten Romans by Terry Deary

Ellen’s favourite book is The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig By Emer Stamp


Greta Y5 had plenty of time to read her book in luggage rack from Italy to Paris. She can be seen reading The Case of the Spilled Ink (Maisie Hitchins) by Holly Web, which is also her favourite book. The book is part of the Maisie Hitchins series


Tilly Y5 was also multi-tasking while extreme reading. She can be seen reading to Harry her dog on a narrow boat while fishing! Harry was enjoying Enid Blyton's Summer Stories

Tilly’s favourite book is Super Cat vs The Chip Thief by Jeanne Willis, however we’re not sure how Harry the Dog would feel about that.


Willow Y5 enjoyed reading The Girl of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. She read to Pippin that she rides at Matlock Park Farm while they both had a rest.

Willows favourite book is