Who is doing what in Year 6!

At St Giles School we pride ourselves on how our children conduct themselves as representatives of our wonderful school. As our Year 6 enter the final year of Primary School they are given more responsibility in line with our School vision - We will develop our children to be confident, responsible individuals with a strong core of Christian values.

Each Year 6 pupil has been given a specific role and will be actively encouraged to develop, to their full potential and leave us as well-educated, confident, responsible individuals.

Our Head Boy is Felix and our Head Girl is Lucy

Our Deputy Head Boy is Jacob and our Deputy Head Girl is Caitlin

They are responsible for representing the school at events, serve as a good role model for pupils, and share pupils' ideas with the school’s leadership.

Our Sports Ambassadors Ella, Teddy, Amelia & Aaron

Our sports leaders start warm ups in PE lesson and organise sports equipment for Playtimes and PE. These children will be working with others to make a positive contribution to the school community.

Our Charity Committee Georgia, Joel & Maria

Our Charity committee plays an integral part in our charity events throughout the year and will continue to uphold an excellent reputation in the wider community by organising events for everyone to take part in. (Maria's picture to be uploaded)

Librarians Emine & Shannon and the Assistant Librarians Willow & Eleanor

Our Librarians help with the upkeep of the library and not only ensure its smooth day-to-day running, but also help develop a sense of responsibility and achievement. Our library is a busy place and so they will keep the stock tidy and in the correct order and help other students find what they are looking for.

Tech & Eco Officers Lewis and Kizzy

Our Tech & Eco Officers are not only aware of our superb outdoor environment, they are also extremely ICT literate. They will be in charge of recycling throughout the whole school. They will also focus on turning off computers and laptops and making sure all the laptops are charged for each lesson and assist ICT staff. They will look after the environment we have in and around the school and actively support and help our Eco Ethos.

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