Let's get back to it!

So it’s all back to school………….

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped with The Forest Craft Fun Night Fundraiser. Over £240 was raised for school funds. The children had great fun, even though it poured it down with rain and everyone got soaked. After children finished all the Forest Craft activities it was time to eat under the Tarp shelters – on the menu was hot dogs, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and deep fried crispy bugs!

The first week of this half term Class 4’s are going to a trip to Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

There will be a parents’ evening this half term where you can meet and talk to your child’s class teacher and have a chat about how your child is doing. More information to follow on Tuesday.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at school, over the next half term, we will send home a term dates letter, you can also see a copy of the most recent letter on the homepage of the School Website www.stgilesceprimarymatlock.co.uk or you can look on the online school calendar www.stgilesceprimarymatlock.co.uk/calendar

We are looking forward to this next half term.

Halloween is fast approaching and for anyone making a Pumpkin lantern here is a recipe for the left over Pumpkin just click on the flashing Pumpkin.

Stay safe on Bonfire night by following these guidelines.

And before we blink Christmas will be upon us. We’ve heard a rumour that Mrs Rogers has already started her Christmas play!

See you all next Tuesday. And don't forget Monday is an Inset Day!

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