Wise Wednesday Worship

The Value for this half term is Friendship.

Father Mark joined us for Collective Worship on Wednesday and the assembly was called True Friends.

Everyone was asked to think about what makes a good friend.

But first the children did a little Quiz.

The children were asked to answer the following way.

Disagree, give you a thumbs down.

Not sure, thumbs out horizontally.

Agree, give you a thumbs up.

The Children were asked if A good friend should be:

kind strong generous good at listening good at playing football somebody who gives me a second chance

All the children tended to agree. They knew that there were things that were important for friends to be and things that were less important.

Mrs Grainger then told a story adapted from the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Fox’, The Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales by Bob Hartman.

It was time for reflection and the children were reminded that the Fox was very kind and caring to his friend, the Tortoise, and he really helped him when he was in difficulty. It is the same way Jesus cared for less fortunate people in so many stories about him in the Bible.

The children were given a good piece of advice found in the Bible is -

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. (Ephesians 4.32, NIV)

Although the story and the Bible are very old it is still just as relevant today. The children were asked to make an extra effort this week to be kind and caring to everyone at school so we all know what it’s like to have really good friends.

Father Mark closed collective worship with a prayer:

Lord Jesus, Thank you that you were kind and caring to all the people you met. Please help me to be kind and caring, too. Amen.

The children then sang - What a friend we have in Jesus by the Vision Choir.

At St Giles School we work hard on our friendships. As we get older we realise our words and actions need to be ones of friendship, caring and kindness.

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