Reception Rocking It!

November 25, 2017


We are a few weeks away from the end of the first full term and what a busy term it has been.


Our Reception Class have settled in extremely well and are now into the routine that is school life. They are progressing very well and are a lovely class of children.

During the day in Reception

When the bell goes the Reception Children stop what they are doing and sit on the carpet area. The day starts with the register. Then the line leader is chosen for the day – a very important job, this person stands at the front of the line when the children line up for the whole day, they write their name on the board so as everyone knows whose job it is for the day. Somebody else is then called to do the weather chart – the date and day is changed and then they choose a picture that shows what the weather is like outside. After this two people are chosen to take the register number to Mrs Bednall, with any reply slips from letters or messages for her. This is all before 8.55.


Once the “house-keeping” is done the school day begins with a phonics activity in small groups.

The children start with the Alphabet Song from Phonics Bug, a Synthetic Phonics scheme for KS1 and Foundation Stage


They then move on to letter sounds. The foundation of learning to read.



Each day the children take part in adult-led maths, phonics and literacy based activities. These take place in groups and are organised to meet the needs of all our pupils.

Here is one of the maths games the children encounter when they first join us.


The children like to play sound games too.

When the children are not working on adult-led activities they are able to develop their learning according to their interests and next steps.


If you ask any of the juniors what do they do in the Reception Class they reply, “Play”



It is slightly more scientific than this and here is how our children learn in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


The Reception Classroom

The day is spent accessing all areas of the Reception classroom both inside and outside.

We have five main zones in which the children develop their learning. These are the Discovery Area, Imagination Area, Creative Area, Maths Area and Outside Area.


Within each of these spaces are a wide range of continuous resources where the children are encouraged to access and become familiar with as well as various enhanced resources based upon children’s interests and learning.


Discovery Area

In this area you will find our maths, construction, sand, water and investigation provision.

Imagination Area

Here you will find our role-play, writing, phonics challenge and small world provision.

Creative Area

In this area we have continuous access to malleable play, model making and painting resources.

Outside Area

We are fortunate to have an extensive outdoor provision including a mud kitchen, physical play and active provision for literacy, maths and knowledge and understanding the world.