Christmas, Celebrations, Christingle and Choirs!

The End of the Term is upon us and Christmas is days away and what a great few last days we’ve had at St Giles School.

We had the Music Lesson end of term concert. The children are taught Susan Hooper - contact 01629 534413. Tuition is available during the school day for: descant and treble recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone and piano. Well done to the children who took part.

On Monday we had our Christmas Party. Time to let our hair down, have fun and eat party food.

On the day we break up for Christmas we hold our glorious Christingle service at St Giles Church. Every child at St Giles has made a Christingle and we want to share the highlights of the service with you.

What is the meaning behind the Christingle?

Christingle means ‘Christ’s Light’ and it is a symbol of the Christian faith. Lots of churches hold Christingle services around Christmas time. The custom of giving out lighted candles in these services began in Germany in 1747 but it wasn't introduced to the Anglican Church in England until 1968.

Christingles are made up of different parts, each one being there to remind us of something.

  • The orange represents the world.

  • The candle reminds Christians of Jesus who they believe to be the light of the world.

  • The red ribbon goes all round the 'world' and being the colour of blood, reminds Christians that Jesus died.

  • The four cocktail sticks could have either of two meanings; the four seasons or the four corners of the world.

  • The sweets (or sometimes dried fruit) remind Christians of God's gifts to the world including kindness and love.

  • The foil is only there to catch waxy drips from the candle

In the morning the children made their Christingle’s. The Juniors helped the Infants make theirs.

In the afternoon the whole school walked down to St Giles Church.

The St Giles School Choir sang as the church filled up.

Our Christingle service really encompasses the true meaning of Christmas. The Upper Juniors told the story of the Nativity with participation from the congregation doing actions and making sound effects.

The whole congregation then gathered around the church ready to light the Christingles. Once lit, Away in a Manger was sung and a prayer said.

Everyone returned to their pew with their Christingle ready for Father Mark to say the final prayer.

After bidding a very fond farewell to Mrs Grainger who is taking early retirement and Mrs Swift who is going to work for The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust we broke up for Christmas!

We wish you a very happy Christmas and will see you in the New Year.

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