A New Term - New Topics

It has been an exciting start back at school after the Christmas break – not only have we had the excitement of Mr Cullington joining us as the teacher for Class 3, but all three classes have dived straight into new and intriguing topics. Our blog this week will give you a flavour of just what’s being explored and investigated by the children.

Class 1 and 2: Rio de Vida

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 held a carnival where they dressed in their most colourful party outfits, waved flags, made headdresses.

There was dancing and samba music and playing of instruments. Chloe thought it was amazing. There is much more fun to come, learning about Brazil and Mardi Gras.

Class 3 have gone all Scrumdiddlyumptious! They have been looking at a whole world of delicious food; including tasting exotic, tropical fruit.

Aidan’s favourite, which was eaten in the lesson, was the mango! The children have studied the food in greater detail and created still life drawings, taking special care to include all the detail and texture of the food. Yummy!

Class 4: Scream Machine

This week, Class 4’s topic implemented a fun, joyous topic into our school by introducing roller coasters. After investigating centripetal force the children took virtual roller coaster rides with full sound effects and G-forces!

They have focused on roller coasters and log flumes, creating their own logs and testing them outside for buoyancy and water resistivity. Some were more successful than others! So far they’ve ridden roller coasters and begun to use Cad Cam software to design a roller coaster car of their own.

We're looking forward to where our adventures are going to take us over the coming weeks.


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