Infant Excursions

How quickly times change as we move into the digital age!

This week we were talking to our Reception children who didn’t know how to send a letter to somebody and couldn’t remember receiving anything by post. So we set about correcting this.

First of all the children wrote a letter to someone else in the class. Next they wrote the address and put a stamp on the envelope. Finally, after a couple of mishaps, they went on a ‘school trip’ to the post box - it was all very exciting!

We’re now waiting with trepidation for the letters to arrive.

Year I and Year 2 have also been on a trip this week; to the KS1 Ball Skills morning at Highfields. It was a very cold morning but we’re hardy people at St Giles so dressed in shorts and t-shirts we set off on a coach. We arrived slightly late due to traffic problems but everyone soon got into their stride.

The event was very well organized with plenty of Highfields Sports Leaders on hand to lead the activities and encourage the children to try new skills. In groups the children were encouraged to practice throwing, catching, kicking and teamwork. It was a very enjoyable experience, mixing with other children from local primary schools and seeing old friends who have moved on.

After having a photo opportunity with Lucy, who is now in Year 7, we arrived back at school just in time for lunch. It was a great end to our week.

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