Scream Machine Meets Forest Craft

This term Class 4 have been learning about Theme Parks, the rides in them and the science which goes into creating exciting and innovative rides and experiences. In order to try and link this with our Forest Craft the children in Class 4 were asked to design a low ropes course, creating ways of traversing areas of woodland using ropes.

Having spent a week creating model low ropes courses, they then went on to construct a full working ropes course in part of the woodland area. This was then tested.

There were a range of activities. The first section of the course was to pass through the Spider’s Web, before using the tyre stepping stones to reach the next section.

Here, two bridges had been constructed, one with a rope handle. Most children walked across, but some were a little more creative, using bottoms and tummies to move along.

After traversing the planks, the children came to a rope suspended between two trees. By leaning on the upper rope and taking sideways steps most safely crossed, though there were some spectacular wobbles.

Finally, the children had to negotiate two see-saws constructed from logs and planks. This required balance and the transfer of weight from one leg to another.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Nick Forster, without whom, this could not have been achieved.

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