Science Week and Forest Craft

Class 1 and 2 got involved in marking British Science Week by carrying out investigations. The children in Class 1 were given a mystery object which was a foil wrapped piece of ice containing a play figure and they had to investigate the best methods to use to release it which ranged from putting it on the heater to banging it with hammers. They then investigated which material would make the best bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Class 2 investigated whether all balls bounce. They chose balls made from different materials and predicted which would bounce and which wouldn’t. They then dropped them from a height of 1 metre and observed whether they bounced or not. They conducted their investigations on different surfaces such as a carpet and tarmac and compared the difference between them.

There was lots of scientific vocabulary used throughout the morning and all children were super investigators!

In the Juniors, we investigated the weather. Mr Edwards came in with his STEM Ambassador hat on and explained how the weather works, demonstrating how hot air rises. He placed a plastic bag over a toaster, once the bag was full of hot air, the children were amazed to see it rise up towards the ceiling. We also looked at how clouds are formed and discussed the water cycle.

We returned to our classrooms where we made rain gauges and clouds in a glass. By placing ice cubes on foil, hot water in a glass and placing the foil over the glass, we were able to observe condensation forming, then trickling down the sides of the glass.

We then looked at what happened when weather turned bad, and how we use the weather to make us more environmentally friendly. Mr Edwards also showed us the effects of tornado/cyclone with the help of a hairdryer and toilet roll.

Forest Craft – Heroes and Villains

We have been linking our Forest Craft sessions to our ‘Heroes and Villains’ theme and for the last couple of weeks we have been part of Robin Hood’s merry men.

On Monday, we made our own bows and arrows! We found suitable sticks in our school grounds and used different types of string to assemble our bows. We enjoyed making these and are looking forward to putting them into action to fight the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham!

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