How's Your Maths?

How did you learn maths at school? This week we're focussing on the maths your children learn, the strategies and methods, and some tools they can use at home to help them make progress.

This week in Maths, Class 3 have been doing a mixture of new concepts and recapping concepts we already knew. Year 4 extended their place value knowledge to five digits for the first time! Year 4 then went on to looking at negative numbers.

Year 3 began some work on fractions after recapping our number facts to help us with adding and subtraction. As you can see from the photos, we have been working hard with a combination of working in small groups on the carpet and working hard at our tables with all children engrossed in what they are doing!

Over the last few weeks, many children have worked very hard on Times Tables Rockstars and we have a few children in our class who already have their rock status - a commendable achievement!

Finally, I hope that you have seen the helpful booklet that came home this week showing how we teach maths at St Giles and the progression of skills across the key stage. Hopefully, this will be a good guide to realise how your children are learning and how you may be able to support them at home. Keep up the good maths work Class 3!

In Class 4 the Y6 children have been working hard on their arithmetic skills in preparation for the forthcoming SATs tests. Whilst Y5 have been using mental mthods to solve money problems. Why not try a couple of money problems for yourself? We have used rounding and adjusting, as well as counting on for subtraction. Using addition to take away seemed like a very odd way to take away, but proved to be the most valuable mental method in the end.

We have also been looking at some quite challenging problems that have appeared on recent SATS papers.

If you haven't seen the calculations booklet, then click the link below.

Other useful games include Hit the Button (please not that this requires Shockwave and may not open on all tablets.

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