Pentecost Pause Day

May 18, 2018

This Sunday (20th May) is Pentecost Sunday, when the Christian church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples.  Today the whole school has learned and explored the Christian festival of Pentecost.

Lots of interesting and exciting activities took place and we’d like to share them with you.


Class 1 & 2

We have explored how the story happened and is about the first Christians. We learned how the first Christians were at first very scared, but that fear turned to hope and confidence which allowed them to go out and share the message of Jesus with people of all nationals and in many different languages.


We did this by sculpting one another into different positions:

1. Sculpt a scared person. Sculpt a brave person.

2. Sculpt a lonely person. Sculpt a person with lots of friends

3. Sculpt an unloving person. Sculpt a person who is loving

4. Sculpt a selfish person. Sculpt a person who shares


We also thought about what it is like not to have as much as others, and how difficult it can be to share when we have something special.


Class 3


We explored the experiences of Peter the disciple.


Class 3 broke up the Pentecost story into five parts and in groups drew pictures to represent what happened in each part. We could then tell the whole story together as a class. On a piece of blue paper, we wrote all the things about ourselves that could make people sad and things that made us happy.



At Pentecost, God the Holy Spirit came and changed Peter in ways he could never have imagined. God the Holy Spirit came at that time with tongues of fire. To represent this, we tore up our pieces of blue paper and threw them into the air. On yellow paper, we wrote the parts of our behaviour and character that might make other appreciate us and feel happy. We collected them together to make on flame for our display.