End of Year

Another school year has come to an end with laughter and more than a few tears.

The first of the farewell events was the annual production, which this year featured the long lost diary of William Shakespeare. Year 5 and Year 6 took to the stage to retell the some of the events in the life of the Bard, played brilliantly by Maria. There were lots of catchy songs and more than a few boys dressed as girls! Choreography was undertaken by some highly talented dancers, ensuring that the performance was truly memorable.

This was followed by a presentation to Year 6, comprising of a group photo with the children sporting their Leavers' Hoodies, and an autograph book to collect those precious memories of the friends they would soon be leaving behind.

The move to secondary school means leaving behind many things we used to do as children, and so on Wednesday, Year 6 were invited to a traditional party complete with jam sandwiches and party bags. Lots of fun was had playing 'hide and seek', and sitting down to party food.

On Friday the whole school made their way to St. Giles Church for the Leavers' Service - a more formal way to say goodbye to those who were moving on. for Through the use of our favourite sweets and chocolates, we reflected on the adventures that all the children will face as they move on to new schools, and new classes. The children, Mrs Forster, Mr Cullington and Mrs Batley were presented with candles, a sign that God's light will travel with them as they move on to pastures new.

Mr Higgs gave a thank you to Mrs Forster for all she has done during her time at the school, and made a presentation on behalf of the Governors. Father Mark gave awards to children who had made good contributions to the school: Lucy received the award for contributions to the school; Aaron for progress and Georgia, the award for grit and determination.

In one of their last duties as Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl, Felix, Lucy, Jacob and Caitlin made farewell presentations to Mrs Forster, Mr Cullington and Mrs Batley from the school and parents. It was lovely to see the support from our wonderful parents at this service.

On Friday afternoon, Mrs Forster held her final afternoon tea for those children who had achieved their platinum awards.

At the end of the day we held our final Certificate Collective Worship. Children walked into the hall serenaded by Shannon on the piano.

Finally, all the children (bar Year 6) went out into the bottom playground and formed a corridor for the Year 6 children to make their final exit from school through.

We would like to wish all of them, Mrs Forster, Mr Cullington and Mrs Batley all the very best as they embark on new adventures.

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