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We have returned to school and things have hit the ground running. We have new children, new staff and new topics.

First of all we have welcomed Mrs Foster as our new Headteacher. She is learning names very quickly and has managed to find her way around school without too many difficulties.

In Class 1 we have welcomed Mrs McManus, who has not only started a new school with new children, but has also moved home too. We hope things will soon settled down and she won’t be living out of boxes for too much longer. Our EYFS children have started with Mrs Angrave, Mrs McManus and Mrs Eyley Jones. Congratulations to Mrs Eyley Jones who got married over the summer. Their new topic is ‘Do You Want To Be Friends?’. The children will learn what makes a good friend and how to get along with one another.

Class 2 are Wriggling and Crawling this half term with a whole host of mini-beasts and creepy crawlies. They’ve already been on a mini-beast hunt, armed with magnifying glasses and clipboards to identify the range of creatures that have made their home in the school grounds.

In Class 3 Mrs Ward has thrown herself into her new job and lots of exciting things have been happening. The children started by creating a Viking Longship on the field from cardboard boxes and natural resources. So whether it be Saxon or Viking, the children will be taking an adventure back to the dark ages where life was very different to the life we live today.

In Class 4 the children have also travelled back in time to the 14th Century, a time of Princes, Plague and Pestilence. They have learned just how quickly you can die from the Black Death and what the symptoms were. Soon they’ll be swabbing the school for bacteria and seeing how quickly germs can grow and develop. They’ll be learning about chivalry and knights in shining armour, and just what it took to become a medieval hero.

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