Old Testament Artwork

Our school hall was looking rather bare and desperately needed brighten up. Taking the theme of our favourite Old Testament stories we have worked collaboratively to create some wonderful mixed-media artwork. These stories have been explored in RE lessons, and through Collective Worship, both in school and through Open the Book.

Creation was the theme undertaken by the infants, who have created fish, birds, stars, water, trees and much more.

Daniel being saved by God from the lions inspired Class 3 to created a collage mane, and some other lions for the pack using a range or media: paint, pencil and pastel.

Joseph and his coat of many colours was created by Class 4. Joseph, like Daniel was one of those unexpected people chosen by God to do great work. He was almost the youngest brother of 12 and was his father's favourite. As a result his father gave him his wonderful coat. Joseph went on the be a great leader.

Individually, the artwork is beautiful, but collectively they have a real impact. Our Collective Worship theme this half term is Respect and Reverence; this display really demonstrates how art can show that respect for God.

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