How Clean Is Our School?

Fortunately, and thanks to a fantastic cleaner, not as dirty as you might think. However, as with any environment bacteria and germs are inevitable.

Class 4 have been carrying out an experiment to find out what bacteria look like and where it can be found.

Firstly, they took a prepared agar petri dish and divided it in half, one half being a control and one half for the test. They then wiped the test surface with bacteria gathered from a range of surfaces. Thumbs, toes and nostrils accounted for the bodily surfaces, whilst board pens, toilet door handles and computer keyboards were also swabbed.

In order to not let any potentially harmful bacteria escape, the dishes were sealed with tape and placed inside seal-able freezer bags. These were then left for a week by a heater to grow. There is nothing bacteria likes better than a warm cosy environment.

After a week, we made some observations about the bacteria growth. Some had grown really well, whilst others hardly at all. We found that we had a range of different types of bacteria, some black, some yellow/orange and one had white spores.

We will leave these for another week and make further observations. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of what has grown.

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