Reception Take a Tour

The Reception children have been settling in to school life brilliantly at St Giles! The topic we have started the year with is called 'Do You Want to be Friends?'. To support their learning, the children have been discussing and exploring books in Literacy such as 'The Lion Who Wanted to Love' by Giles Andreas and, most recently, 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud. The children have become bucket fillers by learning lots of ways to make other people feel happy and welcome.

We decided to put this knowledge into practice! We went on a tour of our school and said hello to the adults who help us. Some of us even asked the adults questions about their jobs! We were amazed by the children's friendliness and curiosity. Here are some examples of the children's questions and comments when on tour...

Bridie was bursting with ideas in the classroom with how the children should behave and what they should say to the adults before each group went on tour!

Tom asked Mrs Hopkinson, our cook, "What do you do in school?"

Jeff asked Mrs Hopkinson, "What is for dinner today?"

Luke asked Mrs Bednall, our School Business Officer, "What is your job?"

Jacob commented how he felt a bit nervous and excited before visiting the Year 5 and 6 class!

Rueben greeted every adult in the school with a huge smile and wave.

It was a great morning and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Well done Reception!!

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