E-Safety: Staying on the Path

Last week we were joined by the children from Cromford Primary School for a theatre presentation and workshop by the Saltmine Theatre Company. They helped us to understand how to stay safe when we are online at scholl, and at home.

Once there was a girl called Sarah, who was celebrating her 11th birthday. More than anything what she wanted was to be able to explore the woods near her house, but her mum always said 'no', that it wasn't safe. On the day of her birthday they went off into the woods for a picnic, and much to the delight of the little girl, her mother said that she was now old enough to explore the woods on her own. HOWEVER - there was a golden rule: she must NEVER stray off the path. There are wolves in the wood who cannot be trusted.

Full of excitement she set off to meet her friend with her mother's rules ringing in here ears.

Whilst Sarah and her friend were playing they met a 'boy' who was friendly and stayed with them for a while. But when he invited them to stray off the path into an 'exciting' part of the forest, Sarah's friend said no, and went home. Sarah was torn, she knew should shouldn't go off the path, but was being persuaded by her new friend that it was a good idea. Sarah made a poor choice and broke Rule 1.

Sarah and her new friend went deeper and deeper into the wood, and before she realised it, Sarah wasn't sure where she was. The enchanted woodland tried to show her the way back, but once again she was persuaded to keep going, not only that, but to share which school she went to and what her class was. She had now broken Rule 2.

Eventually, Sarah realised what had happened. Her new friend was being too nice, and things started to feel wrong. The Tree Fairies appeared and helped her to use Rule 3 to make her safe again.

We learned that this story is just like us when we are using the internet. There are lots of ways we can stray off the path and not follow the rules. During the workshop we looked at Apps that some of us use, but shouldn't. All the Apps in the picture below are for children who are older than us and have an age rating of 13 or more. Fortnite is also off the path.

We were surprised that we weren't supposed to use these, and many of us did. What surprised us more was when we were told that if anything did happen when we were using these Apps, then the companies who made them didn't legally have to do anything about it as we were using the App illegally. These Apps are OFF THE PATH to children in primary school.

We also learned that there were some Apps which we are able to use, but can also be dangerous if we are not careful. This is because they have the capability of being able to chat and play with other people that we do not know. There are controls parents can set to make these Apps safe for us.

The Enchanted Woodland had creatures who were there to help Sarah stay safe, and just like the woodland, the internet has tools to help us stay on the path. Lots of our favourite Apps and Games have buttons we can press to show that we are worried about people who are trying to contact us.

We now know how to stay safe online, and had fun learning about it.

Here are some more pictures from our exciting morning.

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