School Council Elections

Making our school an exciting, fun place to be is very important to us and we value the opinions of everyone when it comes to making decisions about how to do that.

This week, we learned about how a democracy works and took part in elections, deciding who would represent each year group on the school council. In every class, the children who wanted to be part of the council explained why they wanted to take on this important role and what they might do to make changes which would benefit the whole school community.

Each class then voted for the person who had put forward the strongest argument, and who they thought would do a good job. The votes were counted and the winners congratulated. We would like you to meet our new School Council:

Year 6: Ellen

Year 5: Bethany

Year 4: Dylan

Year 3: Ava

Year 2: Olivia

Year 1: Sam

We have already held our first council meeting. We have set out questions we would like to ask the candidates who will be coming to the interviews for teaching in the Infants whilst Mrs Angrave is on maternity leave; we have also starting writing a letter requesting ways to improve the playground at playtimes.

Being a School Councillor is an important role, and we are certain that our new Council will do a wonderful job.

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