Adventures at White Hall

This week Class 4 went to White Hall Outdoor Education Centre. We stayed there from Monday through to Wednesday. The theme of our stay was “Working Together”. We were joined by another school named St Anne’s.

On Monday before we left we were placed into groups. Each group had a different instructor, a different member of school staff and did activities at different times. The groups also ate lunch together. We were both in group B. Pete was our team leader and our member of staff was Nick.

When we arrived we were told the rules then we were sent to our dorms to make our beds and unpack. Then we were brought down and we met our team leader. They took us on a tour of the house. Then team B was told to bring a spare pair of clothes down because we were going stream scrambling. It was amazing and we all got very wet! We had to climb over and under “obstacles”. At the end we went to a place with a waterfall and all went under it, except Ethan, who couldn’t.

After we got back we had a shower, put our stuff in the drying room then had free time before dinner. For tea we had pizza and chocolate crunch. Afterwards we had free time and then it was time for the night hike.

The night hike was great, but also very tiring. By the end our legs ached and we were ready for a hot chocolate and a biscuit before bed.

The next morning we had cereal, sausages and spaghetti hoops for breakfast. It was made very well and tasted delicious!

After breakfast, Group B did team building and the low ropes course. Team building was quite hard. We had to put all ten of us through a loop of rope in the shortest time possible. We managed to do it in 11.32 seconds! The low ropes course was amazing! The zip-wire was loads of fun as we all worked together to get the job done so we could have more turns on it.

After lunch (which was great) we went canoeing. We had to do a whole bunch of games including: standing up on the boat and doing head, shoulders, knees and toes; paddling to some balls and getting them in the other canoe to score a point. Then we had wet time, where we could swim in the freezing water for five minutes.

Next was dinner, where we had meat and vegetable pie and jelly and ice cream for afters. It was very nice. Then we played “The Woods Have Eyes” where we had to look for pie dishes with a certain number of points on them with our torches. The winning team from our school was Ellen, Claira and Kody. They all earned a badge. Then we had hot chocolate and a biscuit and went to bed.

On Wednesday, we packed and brushed our teeth before breakfast. Breakfast was cereal, bacon and beans. Then we finished packing, stripped our beds and took our suitcases to the lounge.

Group B’s final activity was the high ropes course. We all enjoyed climbing up the totem pole and the zip-wire was very fun. It was fast and exciting.

Then it was lunch. Finally, we all went to the lounge and gave a course summary. Then we said our goodbyes and made it back to school.

Thank you White Hall for an amazing week! You helped us make amazing memories and learn that a computer screen isn’t everything in this world. We all wish we could go again. You are all so lovely and nice and the whole of Class 4 is very grateful for being so friendly to us.

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