An Experience To Remember

What better way to kick off a new topic than to take part in learning activities that are really memorable? As our new term has started we have all been taking part in exciting activities to engage us with our new topics.

Class 4's topic this term is called Blood Heart. The experience started with exploring what a real heart looked like. 15 lambs hearts arrived in school for the children to investigate. They looked at where the arteries and veins entered the heart and located the four chambers from the outside.

Next the children dissected the heart exposing not on the interior of the chambers, but the heart strings and other tissues.

Next the children attempted to recreate a heart using clay, working hard to include all the intricate details.

Class 3 kicked off thier topic, Mighty Metals, by investigating friction and how different materials affect how things move.

This was a perfect opportunity to get outside and utilise the many levels of the grounds. The slopes were covered in different materials, and eggs were sent down. The children investigated the speed at which they travelled and were challenged to see if there was a surface where the egg barely moved. Lots of good scientific language was used as the children found that even a round object like an egg, could be affected greatly by the surface it was moving on.

Class 1 and 2 also donned the outdoor clothing to explore materials around the playgrounds. They found a wide variety of materials, as well as objects made from the same material, but which had different textures and uses.

Classes 3 and 4 also took part in a wonderful concert held at Cromford Methodist Church. The children performed with the juniors of Cromford Primary School, our second opportunity to come together and share.

With only 3 rehearsals, both schools sang beautifully, and even the parents were asked to join in. Thank you to Debbie fromt he Music Partnership who came in to teach us and to all those family members who were able to come along and support us.

It has been an interesting start to what promises to be an exciting term.

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