Road Trip USA

Class 3 had an exciting start to the term, getting to learn all about their new Creative Curriculum topic, ‘Road Trip USA’. They polished up their orienteering skill and explored the grounds of the school, ‘flying’ to different locations, learning all about different cities across the states.

Each child had their own passport, which they had to get stamped after each destination, allowing them to travel to their next stop. Whether it was learning about the ‘Buffalo Bayou’ in Huston or the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ in San Francisco, the children showed fantastic team work and resolve throughout their travels!


Every Friday, the children have the fantastic Paul and Nadia in school to teach us all about the ukulele! Not only have we been learning all about this fabulous little instrument, we have also been practising our rhythm, melody and harmony in a variety of ways. All children can play the ‘Key of C’ which includes the chords C, G7 and F, (as well as a cheeky Dm to boot).

With a plethora of songs under their belt, it was time for class 3 to showcase their new skills and talent for the first time. On Friday 25th of January, the children performed in front of an eager audience of parents, grandparents, relatives, and an excited Class 1 and 2. With top hits being performed such as, ‘Myrtle the Turtle’, ‘We are the St Giles Ukulele players’ and ‘What do you do with a drunken sailor’, it was a concert not to be missed! The children played beautifully and impressed not only the captivated audience but their teacher too. What a fantastic opportunity to be had!

Who knows what awaits in the next 14 weeks of lessons!

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