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Here at St. Giles we take great pride in the writing that our children undertake. Sometimes this is guided and modelled by the teaching and staff, and sometimes completely independent. But whichever of these it is – it is always linked to our topics.

In Class 1 & 2 the children have been exploring space and investigating crashed space ships, and the book that they have been using as an inspiration for writing is called Beegu. Written and illustrated by Alexis Deacon, Beegu is the story of a little alien who is not supposed to be on Earth. She is lost. She is a friendly little creature, but the Earth People don't seem very welcoming at all. However, so far she has only met the BIG ones. The little ones are a different matter . . .

The children have explored how Beegu has been feeling as she meets the range of humans on planet earth and using these emotions in sentences. The children have been so excited to follow Beegu’s journey, and this has flowed into their writing.

The children’s classic ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’ has been the inspiration for the children in Class 3. As part of their topic the children have been travelling across North America, and this story ties in beautifully with that, helping children to understand not only about relationships with people, but also the native American Indian culture.

The Indian in the Cupboard is the first of five gripping books about Omri and his plastic North American Indian – Little Bull – who comes alive when Omri puts him in a cupboard.

For Omri, it is a dream come true when the plastic American Indian he locks into the old cupboard comes to life. Little Bull is everything an Indian brave should be – proud, fearless and defiant.

But being in charge of a real, live, human being is a heavy responsibility, as Omri soon discovers. And when his best friend, Patrick, is let in on the secret, he soon realises that life-changing decisions lie ahead.

For their writing, Year 3 and Year 4 have been adapting the story and choosing to write either about what might happen next in the story, or meeting their very own Indian, and adapting that first meeting.

Year 5 and 6 have become advertising designers this week, employed by Bruce Ismay of the White Star Line, to persuade people to take a voyage on the Titanic, the largest and most extravagant cruise line ever built. This is 1912, 2 years before her ill-fated voyage and the challenge has been to create a poster with a limited word count, but maximum selling power, and a double page spread from a holiday brochure extolling the wonderful facilities on board ship.

Earlier writing this term was inspired by Shackleton’s Journey and Ice Trap, with the children writing letters of application to take part in the expedition to the Antarctic as part of the crew.

Books are such a wonderful way of exploring writing, which enable the children to learn from some of the wonderful authors who create stories of mystery, intrigue and drama.

There will be more exciting book based work soon as we celebrate World Book Day. More details to follow.

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