Internet Safety Week

This week has seen the whole country engage with Safer Internet Week; St Giles is no exception to that. This week the children in all classes have thought about how they can be safe online.

The children in Class 1 listened to a story about Smartie the Penguin. He receives a new tablet for his birthday and is allowed to play on it once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

While playing some strange things happen on the screen. We stopped at key points in the story and discussed what Smartie should do. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember what to do: Before you tap and click...You need to stop and think....And TELL someone! We also discussed who we should tell - parents, grandparents, teachers.If you want to read this story with your child to reinforce the message the link is:

In Classes 3 and 4 the children thought about 'Consent' and what that means. Understanding consent in a digital world’ is an empowering message for us all.

When we are online we need to make lots of choices, and give other people the chance to make a choice for themselves. One way of doing this is by asking for and giving permission. Consent is another word for permission – and we probably do it all the time without realising. If you’ve ever asked to go to the toilet in school or ever asked a friend if you can join in their game , then you have been involved in asking before doing something – this is asking for permission or consent and it happens online as well as offline.

Asking for and giving permission is an opportunity to make a choice about our lives online but it can sometimes be difficult to know what the right choice is! Good choices show respect for other people and can help keep you safe.

This year’s Safer Internet Day is all about remembering that it’s our internet and our choice. There are lots and lots of decisions to be made online and it can sometimes be difficult to know which the best one is. The key things to remember are:

  • If something makes you worried, uncomfortable or upset it’s always okay to say no.

  • If you’re sure you’re happy with what will happen next, then it’s okay to say yes.

  • If what you’re doing online might affect somebody else, always ask their permission first.

  • And most importantly: If you’re ever unsure or need further support with anything online then speak to an adult you trust for help and advice.

Class 3 have made some videos on their understanding of consent. Class 4 held an interesting choice activity about their response to certain situations and consent. Both classes held informative discussions about what was acceptable and learned that if in doubt you should always ask permission, or check before you give permission.

We have also sent home some information and guidance for parents as we know that keeping children safe is a confusing and ever changing minefield. Make sure you read this as it has some great advice and places to go to find out more information.

Here is the link to the website this information came from:

Finally here is a film made about the views of children when their parents post things online about them without their consent.

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