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We've come to the end of another exciting term and we've finished in style! From Forest Craft and toasting marshmallows to catching dreams American Indian style and designing and testing Polar Trek sleds! It's been a great term.

Class 1 and Class 2

We couldn't have asked for better weather for our first Forest Craft of the year, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and it certainly felt like Spring was around the corner! The infant children were ready quickly in their scruffy clothes and their school wellies and ready to go! During the afternoon, we used potato peelers to whittle sticks and through this we learnt about handling a blade carefully. We also had the opportunity to use a flint and steel to create a spark! It required lots of perseverance but lots of us managed to set cotton wool (set in a metal tray!) on fire! We had to walk sensibly and calmly around the Forest area and we showed lots of maturity! The afternoon was finished off with toasting marshmallows, yum yum!

Class 3

We have some perfect dream catcher materials in our grounds to the children went out to select their own pieces of willow with which to create their dream catchers. Using wool, string, embroidery thread and ribbons a whole range of shapes, designs and sizes were created. The children were full of enthusiasm and had to persevere when they started as the willow had this knack of springing apart and not staying in it's circle shape. Great success and some wonderful dream catchers were created.

Class 4

Every polar explorer needs to right equipment. The children were challenged to design a new sled for an explorer to take on their polar expedition. The key requirement was to reduce the amount of friction allowing smooth movement across the ice. Having explored the shape of boats and the effects of friction, the children set about their designs. Each team came up with their own unique design from flat fronted to pointed, from wide and flat-based with 3 runners, to long and narrow with only two runners. Each sled was tested over an icy surface which enabled to children to decide which design crossed in the quickest average time. There was some cracking teamwork and some interesting sled designs.

To finish of a brilliant term, our archery team won the tournament held at St Giles, beating lots of other schools. Well done for a fantastic performance.

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