Monster Cafe

On Monday morning the children discovered a brightly coloured book in the classroom. On looking at the front cover we decided it was about a monster and must have something to do with sharks and spaghetti! On reading the title we were correct - it was called ‘Monster Max’s Shark Spaghetti’. Max (a monster) and his friends went on holiday and experienced a range of delicious(!) food such as ‘moth mash’, ‘shark spaghetti’, ‘dung beetle crisps’ and many more. This set their imaginations going and they enthusiastically thought of ‘delicious’ menus for their very own monster café.

After lunch to their surprise the classroom had been transformed into a ‘Monster Café’. Relaxing music played as the teachers acted as waitresses. The children took their seats and chose from an appetising menu of:


Bug juice

Slug pop


Dung beetle crisps

Mud sandwiches

Blood sandwiches


Snakeskin Krispie cakes

Critter cupcakes

Great fun was had by all, so much so that we have transformed the role play area into our very own Monster Café.

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