It's All Greek To Me

Wowza! What a week!

On Thursday class 3 were transported to the glorious times of the Ancient Greeks! Surrounded by mountains and olive trees, the class entered their Greek temple to a day filled with fun and adventure. But first things first… the register; everyone in class wrote their name in Ancient Greek script so Mrs Ward new exactly who was here!

After this class 3 came to sit around the temple's altar and discovered what was needed in order for our day to go off without a hitch: we needed to make an offering to the gods. Zeus had requested wine, so wine it was. Handmade (or should I say foot-made) by the children, the work was hard, the feet were sticky, but the wine was truly delicious and the gods were appeased!

With wine, also comes food! A mezze fit for Apollo himself, the children all experienced some of the traditional food that would have been enjoyed by the Ancient Grecians. Pitta bread and hummus was a firm favourite, olives an acquired tasted but the stuffed vine leaves were a real eye opener!

Following this feast, we needed to prove ourselves to the gods and what better way than The Olympic Games. Mrs Ward thought it best we not go truly authentic, however we did look at the traditional sports played and the whole class took part in sprinting competitions.

Returning from lunch, Class 3 were greeted by Mr Adby and his box of magic. We looked at the different ways our body could portray moods and opinions and how we could move in different ways. After this, each member of the class took on a role from the fantastic myth, ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’. What a show! Mrs Ward and Whithorn were held in suspense throughout the whole story and many ‘goose bump’ moments were had. The horrible, squawking, harpies; the blind old man; the ferocious king and who could forget Jason and his mighty Argonauts.

Class 3 took the day in their stride, tried things they wouldn’t normally dream of and ‘did the whole school’ proud. What a fantastic week.


Friday saw the children taking part in some great activities to raise money for Comic Relief. Our Value this term is Justice and it was great that Red Nose Day fell into this term. The School Council had decided that it should be a non-uniform day and that we should wear pyjamas and wellies.

Additionally, they asked for a Sponsored Pancake Challenge. Each child who took part selected (blindly) two coloured cubes. Each cube represented one of 5 fillings for a pancake: Cream cheese, marmite, tomato ketchup, chocolate spread and marmalade. these fillings were added to the pancakes, and on the given signal the children were challenged to eat their pancake.

Some combinations weren't bad: double chocolate spread; cream cheese and ketchup. Whilst others were really not great: ketchup and chocolate spread and marmite and marmalade.

All the children managed to eat their pancakes and were truly amazing. Well done!

After this, the children went outside to see just how wet they could make Mrs Ward by throwing sponges at her. Mrs Ward took this in her stride and great fun was had by all.

Mrs Bednall is still totting up the totals and the sponsor money has yet to be collected, but it was a fantastic day and the children have really gone out of their way to help those in this country and in Africa have a more just life. We'll update you as soon as we know our grand total.


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