Science Extravaganza

The infants were discovering about gravity and rockets! Mr Edward's had brought in a range of curious objects and the children were excited to take their science investigation outside! The children witnessed bottle rockets being launched in a variety of ways exploring the ideas of force and power. One method involved several of us getting rather soggy when a rocket was propelled into the air by water, air being pumped in and a fizzy sweet! The session ended with a Q and A session and we found out that our science day had inspired a number of the children to want to be scientists and engineers when they grow up. A big thank you to Mr Edward's for a brilliant afternoon!'

Class 3 had an exciting time with Mr Edwards. We looked again at the story of Icarus and how man must be careful and responsible with the technology they develop.

Looking deeper into the Apollo missions to the moon, the children were very interested in the video clips and images. Some children struggled to believe it was real! After looking at this, we talked all about gravity, thrust and air resistance to see what it takes to get a rocket off the ground. Onto the playground we skipped to see how far the bottle rocket would fly! Experimenting with different amounts, we discovered the best balance for the water pressure was about 1/4 full. Wooooosh!

Finally Mr Edwards got covered in lemonade as we fired mentos into them to get a fizzy explosion. Blast off!

Class 4 took a more maths based approach to the STEM activities by looking at the Enigma Code and how it was broken by the team of crypt analysts at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Mr Edwards showed how the Enigma machine worked and then helped the children create their own version of this using a Pringles tube. Great fun was had sending coded messages this way.

In the afternoon Class 4 looked at a code of a different kind - the code of DNA. Using an extraction solution, the children were able to extract DNA from strawberries. Unfortunately we didn't have an electron microscope to see the DNA in any great detail , however the white, gelatinous strands were clearly visible in the cups.

We had a wonderful day exploring the science of the world around us. Many thanks to Mr Edwards for leading this.

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