This week class 3 have been thinking about chocolate. Hmmm... chocolate… *cough!* As Easter fast approaches, they have been thinking about the best way to keep chocolate cool and the best way to melt chocolate into a gooey mess! This got us asking some scientific questions which then led to an investigation of its own.

The class decided to change the 3 temperatures of water they were going to use in their investigation: hot, warm and cold. They then they predicted which temperature would be the most efficient to melt the chocolate with.

After this, in groups, they decided what variables they would need to keep the same and which one they were going to change to get their results. After a quick health and safety chat about the hot water, the children were off. Measuring the temperature of the water with thermometers; pouring the water carefully into the containers; floating their little silver boats full of chocolate gold; taking the time of each one carefully; observing the changes that was happening…And of course, resisting the urge to stick their fingers in some melting chocolate goo.

The children recorded some fantastic results, worked well as a team and even thought about how they could adapt and change their experiment in the future. The budding scientists were rewarded for their hard work with, of course, a piece of chocolate. Yum!

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