Easter Pause Day

On Friday, the whole school took time out to explore the Easter Story in a range of different ways.

Friday has been a super day! In Classes 1 and 2 we started our Easter Pause Day by listening to the story of Easter and finding out about what happened to Jesus and Jesus's friends. The children asked many thoughtful questions such as 'Why did some people not like Jesus?' and 'Why did Jesus come back to life again?"

The children then had a range of activities to engage in. We ate hot cross buns and discussed why they are eaten at Easter time. We dressed up and role played how it might have been when Jesus was alive by buying food from a market to share a meal with our friends, just like Jesus did. We looked at illustrations of the tomb and Jesus's disciples and had a go at drawing our own versions. Some of us even created booklets retelling the Easter story.

We also created cards for people who are special to us and prepared Easter baskets for an exciting treat next week.

A big well done to all of the Infants for their mature approach to a very important occasion.

In Class 3 we looked at the theme of Forgiveness, especially for Peter and Judas, and why it is important for Christians at Easter.

We started with a tissue and a water soluble pen. We wrote down something that we wished we hadn’t thought, said or done that we felt sad to have done. Something that we were ashamed of/sorry about or embarrassed about because it has hurt others.

After we had discussed what forgiveness might be and what it might look like (in the same way that Jesus welcomed Peter back into a restored friendship), we thought about how we too can enjoy forgiveness. When we say sorry for things we are ashamed of and have done wrong, we can enjoy that same sense of relief, joy and cleanness that Peter felt when he knew that Jesus had forgiven him. As a symbol of this forgiveness and cleansing, we put our tissues in the tank of water and watched how the words on the tissues ran and could no longer be read, no longer seen. We watched how the tissue disintegrated. We learned that once we have asked for forgiveness, our guilt disintegrates too.

In Class 3 the children explored whether Jesus really was the Son of God based on what the witness to Holy Week and the Crucifixion saw. we discussed how others might see these people, would they be reliable witnesses in a court of law trying to make up its mind as to whether Jesus was God or not. This culminated in the children creating TV interviews where the witnesses faced their very own Question Time.

These can be viewed on the St. Giles You Tube Channel.



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