New Term - New Topics

May 10, 2019

It's the summer term and a short one.  This hasn't stopped us from hitting the ground running with some exciting and interesting new topics.


The Infants new topic is called 'Are we there yet?'  


Today, we put our data collecting skills to the test and recorded the different types of car colours that went by our school.  Black cars were by far the most common colour, whilst brown cars were not so common!  Next week, we shall create graphs to display the information we have gathered in a clear way.

Class 4 have taken off on a journey through portals to Alchemy Island.  We've created our own portals using the natural materials around the grounds, then used the computers to digitally enhance them.  We've created some music backing tracks to accompany us on our passage through these portals.


Passing through the portals took us to an Ancient Citadel on Alchemy Island.  Here we found a box with mysterious samples from various areas around the island, which we have tested for hardness, electrical and thermal conductivity and magnetic properties.


Not only this, but we have studied the geographical properties of the island, looking at the contour lines and  how these show the height of the land on the island.  We used these contour lines to construct a 3D map of the island.