Class 3 Potions

Class 3 have had an exciting start to their Summer term, with their creative curriculum topic, Potions and their science topic of Plants.

The children were enamoured by a strange riddle that appeared in Mrs Ward’s lunch box, which led the class on a wild goose chase around the grounds.

Solving riddles and finding clues, the children were soon led back to the classroom where a strange potion had appeared with the label, ‘Drink me!’ After a debate, we decided to see what happened to the potions over the next few weeks. In addition to this, we discovered we would be using the Novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as inspiration for our writing this half term. Down the rabbit hole we go!

The children used all of their senses, to put together a fantastic description of how it feels to be outside. Sitting in the willow dome, we closed our eyes and heard all the wonderful things around us… even the ticking of a clock…

We have started discussing and designing what our potions might look and feel like, and to get the best possible solution we needed to decide what base we were going to use. To do this, we tested the viscosity of every day liquids to help us with the design of our potion. This was messy work and the tables became a right mess, but was great fun. We learnt that the more gloopy a liquid was, the more viscous is was, and therefore harder to drink.

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