Final Week Farewells

The summer holidays have started and the sun is shining, but before this, there was a week of final events to celebrate the wonderful bunch of Year 6 children that have left us for pastures new. What an amazing group of talented individuals they are, and what a great contribution they have given to St. Giles in their time here.

On Tuesday they, along with the Year 5s and some brilliant Year 3 & 4 children performed the hilariously funny 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'. Sailing away on an adventure full of piratical style, the children pulled out all the stops when acting and singing. There was lots of laughter and wonderful comments from parents, not only after the show, but in the following days.

After the show, the children were presented with a group photo, signed by each child, as well as a combined dictionary and thesaurus by John Higgs, our Chair of Governors. Many thanks to Charlotte Brett for organising the photos.

On Thursday the Year 6 children had a pirate party complete with pirate bubbles and water pistols! A very wet water fight ensued after the children had enjoyed glitter jelly and ice cream.

Finally, on Friday morning the most formal event took place. The whole school made their way to St. Giles church for the Leaver's Service. This was led by the children in Year 5, who invited the Year 6 children up to place a memory pebble on a cairn. This cairn is on display in the Courtyard at school, a physical reminder of the legacy left by the children. The Year 6 children were also presented with a Leaver's Candle.

After Certificate Assembly, Mrs Rogers took the Year 6 children out to collect their belongings, whilst the rest of the school and parents formed a corridor in the playground. Year 6 left school for the last time applauded by all those lining the way from the classroom to the gate.

We'd like to wish: Greta, Evie, Ellen, Willow, Ethan, Oliver, Brooklea, Katie, Oliver, Eleanor, Sansa, Noah, Tyler-Rose, Maria, Tilly, Kody and Lawrence all the very best as they start their new secondary schools.

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