A new term has started with new learning projects and new faces in the classrooms.

Our new Reception children in Class 1 had a smooth entry to school this week, with two half days and a full day on Friday. What a wonderful group of children they are. After a few initial worries, they have slotted in beautifully, and already it seems hard to believe they are only two full days into their school lives.

Class 2 have discovered that they have an area of the bottom playground just for them and have already been making good use of it as part of their learning. We'd love to share their new project with you, but Mrs McManus has sworn us to secrecy as they have an exciting experience planned for Year 1 and Year 2 on Monday next week. More to follow I'm sure!

Class 3 have begun their new project entitled 'Flow' and have already started exploring what that might mean. With a trip to the river planned in the next few weeks, there will be plenty of learning going on about rivers: what lives there; where the river is going and how fast it’s travelling; collecting water and soil samples and meeting river creatures. There'll be much more about the man made aspects of rivers to learn about too.

Beast Creator is the title of Class 4's new project. We'll be learning about annelids, crustaceans, arachnids, insects and many more. Already the children have been exploring the grounds to see which of these amazing creatures have made St. Giles their home alongside us. We hope you enjoy the photos of some of these. There is also a visit to the Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden coming up, to learn how film makers go about designing, making and constructing the props used in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films: we're looking forward to meeting the real Aragog!


From 6th September, Aldi’s Kit for Schools promotion is giving 20 primary schools the chance to win £20,000 to kick-start a health legacy for their school. What’s more, every school who enters by completing their Aldi’s Kit for Schools poster will also receive an exclusive school sports kit!

This term we are collecting stickers for the Aldi Kit For Schools. If you shop at Aldi please collect the stickers for us. You need to spend £30 to collect one sticker. WE NEED 300 for a chance to win the £20,000. So if the person in front of you in the queue does not want theirs, please ask if you can have it - ask all your family and friends to help too. With just over 80 children in the school, this will be a huge challenge for us. (PS We actually have 2 posters! Is it possible that we could collect 600 stickers and fill them both? Now there's a challenge for all our families!)

With an exciting year to look forward to we hope that all our children will love being back at school.

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