Jammy Dodgers and Wriggly Worms

A few years ago a group of parents spent time improving the grounds, by constructing raised beds, a wildflower meadow and planting fruit trees. This year we have really benefited from this hard work. On Wednesday, After School Club picked lots of plums from the trees which were laden with fruit.

On Friday, with Mrs Rogers and Mrs Whithorn, the children turned these delicious fruits into plum jam. The staff room was filled with the sweet, sticky aroma of boiling fruit. We placed a saucer in the freezer and regularly tested the setting point of the jam until we knew it would be ready to pour into the waiting jars.

Just over 4 jars were filled with beautiful sticky plum jam. Thank you so much to those amazing parents that planted the trees a few years ago. The jam is delicious!

Class 4 have been learning all about mini-beasts, from insects to myriapods, from crustaceans to molluscs. They have been taking a look at habitats for these wonderful creatures, and in order to explore these in more detail, they have created wormeries to see how worms live.

We are monitoring any changes that take place over the next week or so, but here are the pictures of our worm habitats.

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