Innovate Challenges

At the end of each project the children are set a challenge in which they have to use their knowledge and apply it in a challenge.

The children in Class 2 rounded off their Dinosaur topic by creating dinosaur sock puppets! There were some very inventive designs and innovative names. The children then created characters around their dinosaur sock puppets and engaged in role play with one another. Rather worryingly was many of the dinosaur sock puppets happened to have 'teachers' on their menu!

In Class 4 the children were tasked with designing a new minibeast for a forthcoming Fantastic Beasts film. The creature could either be a friend for Newt Scamander, or a foe. However each creature needed to be fully thought out, their diet, habitat and appearance had to be fully explained. some children even went as far as describing the reproduction and life cycle for their creatures. After designing the creature a model was made, and a page created for the Fantastic Beasts book using a range of watercolour techniques.

Here are just a few images of the work the children created.

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