Jack's Beanstalk Challenge

The weather was not going to stop the Infant children embarking on their challenge that had been set by Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk this week!

Earlier in the week, the Infants received a letter, some snacks and magic beans from a boy called Jack. In his letter, Jack told us that he was fantastic at escaping from giants who live in castles at the top of beanstalks. He said that he had noticed that our school is near a castle and he wondered whether we would be able to hide from giants. He was going to send us a map to follow.

However, the teachers received an urgent call from Jack later in the week. He told the teachers how he had heard about the flooding in Matlock and therefore he thought that it was best to stay safe in the school grounds. Jack had hidden magic beans around our school grounds so we knew that those were spots where we could try out hiding from giants – we were brilliant at it and used our knowledge of positional language fantastically.

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