Welcome back. We hope that you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

This term the children have started their new topics in style. A forest is growing in Class 2, Class 3 have turned all Stone Age and are busy preparing for their visit to Cresswell Crags next week.

In Class 4 time turned back 4000 years to the ancient Egyptians and the act of mummification. Sadly with no human to remove the internal organs from, an alternative had to be found. Fresh from the fish counter came Seti the Sea Bass. Beforewe did anything with the corpse we weighed him, as part of our work is to investigate the effects of natron on organic matter.

The children learned how to make natron, the substance the Egyptians used to dehydrate the deceased. This is a simple mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt. We stuffed the cavity of Seti with the mixture before covering him entirely with the mixture.

Next the children split into pairs and repeated the process with tomatoes. Over the next few weeks we will weigh Seti and our tomatoes every week and monitor the effects of the natron.

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